How to flash a custom ROM without a SD-card

Want to flash a ROM but do not have a sd-card?Then you are just at the right place.Now, you can flash a custom ROM without the need of a sd-card by using this tutorial that i found @xda by kyouko.

How to Flash a ROM Without an SD Card

This is for all those who don’t have a working sdcard, sdcard slot, etc. but want still to flash a new rom 


  1. Flash an Amon_RA recovery if you’re using Clockwork – I recommend Darch’s unofficial (CDMA Hero refer to my signature if you need it)
  2. Access to a computer that had AndroidSDK tools on it – you’ll be using ADB
  3. Put whichever you want to flash in your android-sdk\tools folder – I would rename it to something simple. (My example which I’ll be using for this tut is: C:\AndroidSDK\toosl\


  1. Reboot into the Amon_RA recovery
  2. Wipe data/factory reset, cache, and dalvik via the recovery menu
  3. Open up cmd/terminal on your computer
  4. Navigate to your android-sdk\tools directory
  5. Enter the following in cmd/terminal:
    adb shell
    mount data
  6. *wait a second or two* You may or may not get the “/ #” line returned.
  7. Despite what happens press “Ctrl+C” to break the command and get back to the standard AndroidSDK\tools> directory
  8. Enter the following in cmd/terminal:
    (replace “” with the name you’re using)

    adb push ./ /data/

    *this will take anywhere from 30sec to a min depending on the size*

  9. Then we do this in cmd:
    adb shell
  10. Wait for it to finish flashing/updating
  11. Reboot
  12. ENJOY 

Brief rundown of what we just did:

  • Wiped /data/ to free up space for the zip
  • Put our onto the /data/ partition since we don’t have an SD Card to work with.
  • Told the recovery to flash from our /data/ partition instead of /sdcard/

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