Top 3 Custom Roms For Htc Explorer Revised Edition

People said this day wouldn’t come but they refused to run ! Yes my friends when Htc Explorer came in the market its low specs made people think that this deivice wouldn’t see many custom roms , well but they are wronged again ! This little beast boasting a 600 mhz arm v7 cpu and a adreno 200 gpu has now over 50 custom roms ! And that’s where our job begins ! we tried ALL roms one by one and stripped the list to TOP 3. It was a hard choice but we did it and we proudly present the revised edition of top 3 custom roms for htc explorer.


3)   Cyanogenmod 9.1 for htc explorer

The legend continues last time it was also the part of our top 3 and it is again ! Now when every thing works for this rom we don’t have much to say ! if you want to boast your device to some one well do it the ics way !


















Runs on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4.

and has hardware acceleration the ics way !

What Works

Everything !

you can download the rom here .

2) Miui JB 2.10.26 

Well it has been new ! but packed with butter feature of jellybean and and miui smoothness acceleration .


  • Ultra smooth
  • boots in less than 15 secs
  • the awesome miui look
  • JB acceleration (project  butter)

you can download the rom here.

1)Cyanogenmod 10 

What’s better than a fast cyanogenmod jellybean rom waiting to be flashed in your device !


– Boots(duh)
– Bluetooth
– Camera(stills/camcorder/panaroma)
– GPS (untested)
– Audio
– Wifi
– Project butter
– Video Recording(forgot to include patch in alpha#2)
– Hardware Acceleration
– SD Card


– Video Decoding

You can download the rom here.


Honorable mentions —

Jaggyrom,miui v4 ics,cm 7.2 .

If you want any rom to be included plz let us know !

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15 year old kid ..interested in android , Custom Roms, apps and blogging!!!

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