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Top Apps for Android ( Launchers)

Hey Androidians !!!

Here are some launchers that are a must have for you because they are the real looks, the real feature and the real beauty of your Android device.
Let’s begin.

1.Go launcher EX :


It is one of the best out there.


Cause its got everything you need.From themes to widgets, from lockers to notifications and the best part of them all ITS FREE!!
Hundreds and thousands of awesome themes are available which just give your phone a completely new look altogether . Widgets that help you in all your daily uses be it Facebook widget, the calendar widget or the task manager .It has also got gesture support , some really cool animations and docks.
The only major con i found in it is that it gets a bit slow but that is something you have got to deal with when your having loads of animations,gestures and docks.So, get it right now , free from google play.

2.ADW launcher ex


So you need something fast, something that has all the features but doesn’t slow down your budget Android phone.Then this is what you are looking for.The speed and efficiency of this launcher is best proved by the fact that custom ROMs like cyanogen mod use this as their default launcher.But one of the major cons is that it is not free and has a bit less customization as compared to go launcher.But in spite of this its a must use.Download it from the link below :

3.Nova launcher prime


If You have a high priced Android device running on ice cream sandwich then you might want to consider this launcher.It has been made exclusively for ics running devices and mark my words it is indeed very good.It has a load of features and works smoothly.The major cons are that it works only in ics and that it is not free.But still if you have a high performance device this is the real deal.

So these are my top 3 launchers and these would truly redefine your Android device.You absolutely need to have one of these and i hope this blog would help you to make the right choice.But still in this ever growing world of Android apps you have all the freedom in the world to explore more and to play more with your ANDROID.


Its the modern age folks and almost everything can be found free on the net.So,here are the links for the APKs for ADW launcher EX and Nova Prime so that you don’t have to spend extra bucks to get them.

ADW launcher –

Nova Prime –