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How to Get the Latest Walkman from the Xperia S, T, and V on any ICS/JB Device

Now this is something really really cool indeed.As we love having different things from different devices on our “non-compatible” phones, we cannot help but enjoy features such as the Sense lock screen, TouchWiz, Blur (riight), Timescape, and more. One feature that has not gotten a whole lot of press is the Walkman player present in the Xperia S, T, and V devices. This player is featured pack with visualizations, equalizers, smooth animations, transitions, and everything that one expects of a music player this day and age. Luckily, for those who would want to get one of the aforementioned devices but cannot really bring themselves to spending more money on newer devices, XDA Forum Member Rizal Lovins has you covered.

The dev has successfully extracted and ported the Sony Walkman Style and Gallery applications from the Xperia series. The app in its current state has a few quirks including how the widget does not work as well as the SenseMe feature. However, the newer ports from the Xperia T music player seem to have solved quite a few issues with background and album art not displaying properly. One last thing is that the modded app can be installed on most devices sporting ICS, so as long as they are rooted.

Please drop by the thread and test these apps out, and leave some feedback for the dev to work out the kinks so that this can become a fully working port.

 Hi Guys …

I share the Walkman Player from Xperia S running ICS & I replace some icon

This Walkman application extracted from My Xperia S and work fine on other device running ICS/JB/CM9/CM10/MIUI ICS/AOSP/AOKP

You can find more information in the original thread.


Dark Knight Theme for Play Store v3.7.15

This is my friends is something really really cool created by XDA member enimnick009 .Its not a ROM its not a tweak.Its a theme!An awesome theme that would change your play store or android market to a great looking thing with stylish black background.It works both on ICS and Gingerbread.It i think works with all the android phones running on GingerBread or ICS.Here are the details.

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  • Download the apk of latest version from here.
  • Copy the apk to your phone.
  • (optional)make a backup of you current vending.apk or phonesky.apk.
  • Use root explorer and copy it to system/app
  • Change the permissions to rw-r-r.
  • If you are on ICS let it be phonesky.apk but if you are on gingerbread rename it to vending.apk.
  • Thats it!Your play store is now gonna look really really cool indeed!