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How to make your low end devices lag free and lightning fast.(V6 supercharger)

V6 supercharger for me is one of the greatest achievements of xda.Simply, because it provides the low end and legacy devices like galaxy mini great memory management which makes them run very very smoothly indeed with little or no lags at all.Xda member zeppelinrox is the one who has made this script and it works on all devices and almost all ROMs.As for me, i have experienced it and i have got to admit that it is really worth it and really makes your 280 RAM device run like anything.So, the question is what does it do that makes the device s smooth.V6 Super Charger makes your phone super snappy, fast with better multitasking management. It rearranges and fixes Out Of Memory (OOM) Groupings, Priorities and LowMemoryKiller values to make your low RAM device fast, by freeing memory when possible thereby increasing the overall performance of you device.This post will    provide you information related to everything related to V6 supercharger like the requirements, the installation process, the way to implement in ICS and jellybean and how to start it at boot.


1. Fully Rooted with Superuser and BusyBox 1.19.4. If you install script manager
2. Please update BusyBox Free (Stericson) to v7.8.2 on PlayStore.
3. Proceed to BusyBox Installation. Install BusyBox 1.19.4 to SYSTEM/BIN directory.
4. Reboot device.
5. Launch script manager and goto the script. Tap on SU.
6. It will fail on 1st time, just Try Again until all text are Green
7. Reboot device.Boot will take a LONG time as it “optimizes all your apps”

Steps for installing V6 supercharger on your device.

This part applies to everyone. The V6 SuperCharger requires a couple files to be downloaded to the root of the SD card. You can find them here at the original XDA thread. Download all files and extract/move them to the root of the SD card.

Go to the Android Market and download Script Manager. Open the app and tap “Browse as root”. Grant SM superuser permisisons and hit “OK”. Now navigate to /sdcard or wherever you placed the file V6_SuperCharger_update8. Select that file and a box should appear.

The only option necessary to run the SuperCharger is root access. Tap the small root icon above “Su”. Hit run, grant SuperCharger root access in the pop-up, and hopefully everything works.

If all goes well you’ll be greated with a large text menu of 17 items. These items are options for customizing how your phone uses its RAM. The Aggressive options tend to cut down on multitasking (and thus speed up the phone). The Balanced options allow for more apps to run.Choose the options according to your needs and continue.

Steps for Installing V6 supercharger on Jelly bean and Ice cream sandwich.

1. Run the NEWEST V6 SuperCharger script as always.

Note: You may get Segmentation Fault errors running the V6 SuperCharger script on ICS due to a flakey su (superuser) binary.
To resolve the issue, you can:

  •  Go HERE for a fixed SU binary.
  •  Go HERE and get the Super charger kit.

2. Patch and install services.jar

A) Automatically – Use the latest Update 9 RC* and select ICS Service Centre’s automatic transmission. (seemless webapp integration and installation to automatically make your launcher die hard) Actually, when you run V6 Update 9 RC* for the first time,this option is by default, so you really don’t have to do anything.
B) Semi-automatically – Make your launcher die hard with the ICS OOM Priority Charger webapp (latest Update 9 RC* can install and apply permissions via ICS Service Centre’s manual mode)

3.SuperClean & ReStart! (ie. Wipe Dalvik Cache & Reboot)

Notes: For decent launcher detection use at least V6U9 RC6.9 or newer and check the bOOM Stick to see if the launcher the desired ADJ value!

  •  If it doesn’t boot (unlikely if you did the edits yourself), try wiping caches (not data)
  • If it still doesn’t boot, you can always just re-flash your current untouched rom but do have a backup nevertheless.
  •  If you get FCs, fixing permissions will solve that. (Use the “Fix Emissions” Option in the latest V6 SuperCharger Script! )

That’s It!!!


1. Launch Script Manager and press Back Key twice until you reach [/] Directory.
2. Open /Data and look for, tap it to select and run using Script Manager.
3. Select [SU] and [Boot] and hit the RUN button. After finish, just close it.
4. Enjoy V6_SuperCharger – Super-Saiyan Mode.
5. Do not uninstall Script Manager. It is used by every Boot-up.

For a video tutorial check his out.

That’s all folks!You have successfully installed the V6 supercharger script on your device and now it will run smoother and better than ever before.For any Questions feel free to comment and you will be replied instantaneously!Happy Supercharging!!!