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Top Apps for Android (Messengers)

Messengers are apps that you got to have in your Android device.Be it for sending IM or sending pictures,files and even calling .So here is a list for top messengers for Android.



You ought to have heard this name.It is one of the best messengers present out there.Messages, pictures and audios are sent in a jiffy and the best part of it, it is cross platform supporting ios, Android, Symbian,Windows and Blackberry devices and that’s what earns it the title of one of the best IM app because more the platforms supported, more friends you find.It’s major disadvantage is that it is not completely free and after a year you have got top buy it but it costs you only 1$ to do so.So what are you waiting for? Get it now from here and make your symbian and blackberry friends download it as well.

2.Nimbuzz messenger

It gives you the luxury of connecting your Facebook, gmail and other accounts along with your Nimbuzz account .It also allows you to make calls like you do in Skype and calls are free if you do so to another Nimbuzz user who is in your contact list.It is also cross platform but the only disadvantage is that messages are not sent as quick as they are in Whatsapp.Download it now here.

3.IM plus pro


One if the better apps out there for Facebook gmail, Yahoo,My Space , Linked IN and other chat accounts .The interface is simple and easy to use.Messages are sent quickly and the best feature is that it has a push mode feature that keeps it running in background,saves your battery and still displays incoming messages and keeps you online.It’s major disadvantage is the fact that it is not free.To download it go here.

4.E buddy


One of the first IM apps and it is still as good as ever.Providing chats for almost all accounts, it is easy to use.It is completely free and works fine.But its disadvantage is that it its not as good looking as other IM clients and it is now receiving stiff competition from the newer and better apps.But still if you are one of those who believes that OLD IS GOLD ,you can download it here.



How can you forget Skype when it comes to IM.The PC IM and web calling giant is now available on  Android  and is tasting the same success here.Messages are sent quickly along with pics and other stuffs.Video calling works great  over wifi and 3G and the interface is similar to the PC version.If you are a constant user and have a lot of contacts in skype then this is a must have for your android device and if you have not downloaded it till now you are truly missing out on an awesome IM app.Its main disadvantage is that it is not much of a use if you don’t have a good front camera because there are better audio and image messaging apps than this and it takes a lot of memory and space too.Download it right away here.


While all others are free , IM + pro costs you some money. So , to get it for free go here.Enjoy 🙂