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Top Apps for Android (Browsers)

Hey Androidians !!

The apps at hand are something that are very common and are needed in everyday life.We are talking about Web browsers and here is my list of some of the top browsers for Android.

1.Opera mini

The most common name when it comes to mobile browsers.One of the oldest and most reputable browser of recent times.It is ideal for daily use as the pages load very quickly and it is very smooth indeed.The interface is simple to use and features such as opera link make it even better.So, hurry up and get it now from google play.

2.UC browser


So if you are one of those who uses his mobile as a «downloading machine» then this is just the kind of browser for you.It gives you great downloading speeds.Much more than any other browser out there.But the major drawback is that its browsing smoothness and appearance is not that good enough.So just like i stated before if you need a browser for downloading files then is the perfect browser for you.Download it right away from the link.

3.Dolphin Browser HD


As the name suggests its high definition! So if you have a high priced Android device with good graphics then you ought to have this.Another major feature of it being the gesture support.The gesture support includes gestures for everything.From new tab to previous page.But its major disadvantage is that if have a budget Android phone it will look really dull and even slow down your system.Even then its a must have for you of have got a phone on which you spent big bucks.Download it here.

So get going now and download your favorite browser from the three listed above and try them out but as always you are free to explore more and more and more.Happy browsing folks !!!